Family photo

Firstly, what exactly is lifestyle photography? Most people are familiar with a family photo shoot, where they go to a studio and get a nice group shot of the family, all smiling in front of the camera. While this is perfectly nice, it feels rather static. Enter lifestyle photography.

Here, the photo shoot is mostly done at your home and the idea is to capture candid moments in their lives, without getting them to pose specifically for the camera. This helps in getting natural expressions and renders the photos a lot more memorable. Of course, there will still be a few certain posed shots, but the look will be more natural and easy-going. 

Family session

Monica will capture your family, just as they are, doing activities you all love.

Count on Monica capturing all of those in-between moments that you always wished someone was there to capture.

These sessions are planned ahead of time to ensure an amazing experience capturing your family in the “real”. 

mum and son
baby and dad photo

The images that I capture of your family are a combination of individual portraits, family groups, photojournalistic shots of children at play, your family having fun and also those little details that are part of your life. I’m happiest where you are happiest – whether that be at home or at your local park.

family photo

Sessions which can last from 1.5 – 2 hours depending on how many members of the family are involved and how young the children are. Please do feel free to call me if you would like a tailored quote to suit your requirements. 

dad and son

On the day of the shoot itself for the Family Lifestyle photo shoot I will have some type of plan whether we go out on location first or stay at home to start with and capture life at home.  It is a very organic plan!  Really, it is all depend on the children on the day and I work around what works best for you.

family photo
mum and son
sisters and brother

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